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    • Invasive lobular carcinoma arising in accessory breast tissue. 

      Devine, Catriona; Courtney, Carol-Ann; Deb, Rahul; Agrawal, Amit (2013-02)
      BACKGROUND: Lobular carcinoma in accessory breast tissue is a rare occurrence. We present such a case in a 61-year-old woman. CASE PRESENTATION: A skin nodule in the axillary skin on excision biopsy revealed invasive lobular ...
    • Skin sparing mastectomy and immediate breast reconstruction: a review. 

      Agrawal, Amit; Sibbering, Mark; Courtney, Carol-Ann (2013-04)
      AIMS: Skin Sparing Mastectomy (SSM) is widely practised now in major centres which manage large numbers of breast cancer but anxiety still exists over the safety of SSM both from oncological and aesthetic points of view. ...