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    • Patient attitudes to tonsillectomy. 

      Ubayasiri, Kishan; Kothari, Ravi; McClelland, Lisha; De, Mriganka (2012-12)
      Introduction. Recent changes to primary care trusts' Procedures of Limited Clinical Value (PLCV) policy mean that otolaryngologists must now follow policy rather than exercising clinical judgment when listing patients for ...
    • Unusual 'feathery' cause of a parapharyngeal abscess in an infant. 

      Cho, Wai Sum; Nistor, Mihaela; Ubayasiri, Kishan; Johnston, Mark (2018-01)
      A 7-month-old boy presented to the emergency department with reduced oral intake, neck swelling and fever. Clinical examination revealed a 3 cm left parotid and left level I neck swelling with left medialised tonsil but ...
    • The use of custom made dental splints for robotic and rigid endoscopic surgery of the upper aerodigestive tract. 

      Ubayasiri, Kishan; Cho, Wai Sum; Smith, P; Thorpe, R; Mansuri, MS; Laugharne, David; Mortimore, Sean (2017-12)
      Custom made dental splints allow for significantly improved access in difficult cases, especially those involving the laser or robot. Our customization also allows bespoke accommodation of the Boyle Davis gag or FK-retractor. ...