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dc.contributor.authorGoodwin, Amanda T.
dc.contributor.authorWall, Jillian
dc.contributor.authorAmsha, Khaled
dc.identifier.citationGoodwin, A, Wall, J, Rajaram, S, Amsha, K, & Kiely, D 2016, 'Breathlessness in an ex-miner: an unusual consideration', Thorax, 71, 5, p. 481.en
dc.description.abstractThe article presents a case study of a 73-year-old retired miner, with 36 years at the coal face, who was presented with a 5-year history of exertional dyspnoea on climbing steep inclines. His medical history was limited to quiescent chronic lymphocytic lymphoma, for which he required no chemotherapy or radiotherapy and had annual haematology follow-up. He was a smoker, with a 15 pack-year history, and took no regular medications.en
dc.subjectPulmonary-artery Stenosisen
dc.subjectCase Studyen
dc.titleBreathlessness in an ex-miner: an unusual consideration.en

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