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dc.contributor.authorDunkley, Colin
dc.identifier.citationKirkpatrick, M, & Dunkley, C 2016, 'Guidelines and Quality Standards in the Care of Children with Epilepsy', Neurologic Clinics, 34, 2, p. 327.en
dc.description.abstractTo provide quality care for children with epilepsy there is a continuing need to synthesize clinical research into forms that reflect best clinical practice. The design of evidence-based guidelines allows the gathering of this information together. This review discusses the components needed to analyze published data and produce recommendations for clinical management. Guideline implementation should be seen as an essential component that is integrated into guideline development. Robust clinical practice guidelines can also form the basis of defining quality standards that in turn should allow the development and measurement of clinical outcomes that lead to direct improvements in patient care.en
dc.subjectQuality standardsen
dc.titleGuidelines and Quality Standards in the Care of Children with Epilepsy.en

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