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dc.contributor.authorNgwu, Ursula
dc.identifier.citationAgwu, J, Idkowiak, J, Bull, L, Ng, S, Dovč, K, Ngwu, U, Calliari, L, & Maahs, D 2018, 'ISPAD Annual Conference 2017 Highlights', Pediatric Diabetes, 19, 5, pp. 855-858.en
dc.description.abstractThe article focuses on International Society for Pediatric and Adolescent Diabetes's 2018 conference. Topics discussed include role of good glycemic control in treating pediatric diabetes; sustained proliferation and expansion of beta cells for future therapeutic use; and challenges surrounding type 1 diabetes control.en
dc.subjectGlycemic Controlen
dc.subjectChildhood Diabetesen
dc.subjectPaediatric Diabetesen
dc.titleISPAD Annual Conference 2017 Highlights.en

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