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    • Treatment of tobacco dependence in UK hospitals: an observational study. 

      Hutchinson, John (2018-02)
      Over a million smokers are admitted to hospitals in the UK each year. The extent to which tobacco dependence is identified and addressed in this population is unclear. Data on 14,750 patients from 146 hospitals collected ...
    • The UK Pleural Society. 

      Roberts, Mark; Downer, Nicola (2019-04)
      With over 65 separate conditions affecting the pleura it is clear that pleural disease contributes hugely to the workload of respiratory physicians, who increasingly recognize pleural disease as a sub-specialty in its own ...
    • Vitamin D and skeletal muscle strength and endurance in COPD. 

      Kemp, Samuel V. (2013-02)
      Jackson, A, Shrikrishna, D, Kelly, J, Kemp, S, Hart, N, Moxham, J, Polkey, M, Kemp, P, & Hopkinson, N 2013, 'Vitamin D and skeletal muscle strength and endurance in COPD', The European Respiratory Journal, 41, 2, pp. 309-316.