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dc.contributor.authorSwindells, Mark
dc.contributor.authorO'Brien, C
dc.contributor.authorArmstrong, D
dc.contributor.authorArundell, M
dc.contributor.authorQuinton, David
dc.contributor.authorBurke, Frank
dc.identifier.citationJ Plast Reconstr Aesthet Surg. 2011 May;64(5):688-9. doi: 10.1016/j.bjps.2010.08.012. Epub 2010 Sep 25.language
dc.descriptionAuthor(s) Pre Print and Post Print Onlylanguage
dc.description.abstractThe mini C-arm image intensifier (mini C-arm) has now become an established diagnostic tool in the hand surgery outpatient department. This study reviews the use of the mini C-arm and formal radiographs (X-rays) in the outpatient hand surgery setting. X-rays provide a standard image whereas the mini C-arm can obtain non-standard images to aid diagnosis and treatment. The mini C-arm enables the clinician to obtain dynamic images and perform interventions such as manipulations or injections. The mini C-arm results in a significantly lower radiation exposure for the patients than a formal X-ray. Use of the mini C-arm may be cheaper, and can lead to a shorter outpatient visit with less travel between hospital departments.language
dc.subjectMini C-Armlanguage
dc.subjectImage Intensifierlanguage
dc.titleThe use of the mini C-arm in the outpatient setting: evolving practice.language

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