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dc.contributor.authorMittal, Mohit
dc.contributor.authorMurray, Alison
dc.contributor.authorSandler, Paul Jonathan
dc.identifier.citationDent Update. 2011 Apr;38(3):159-62.language
dc.descriptionNNot Supportedlanguage
dc.description.abstractA labial fraenectomy is indicated in various clinical situations and is performed to facilitate orthodontic closure of a maxillary midline diastema. In these clinical situations, timing of surgery during the phase of orthodontic treatment is important. Labial fraenectomy can be performed before, during or after the orthodontic closure of the maxillary midline diastema, depending on the individual case. It is important to understand how to perform the procedure efficiently and effectively. Success relies as much on accurate diagnosis of the fleshy, prominent or persistent fraenum as it does on meticulous technique to ensure its complete elimination. This article presents the indications for labial fraenectomy. The appropriate timing of the labial fraenectomy procedure to facilitate orthodontic treatment is discussed.CLINICAL RELEVANCE: A surgical technique to perform maxillary labial fraenectomy procedure in an effective and efficient manner is a useful addition to the clinician's armamentarium.language
dc.subjectLabial Fraenectomylanguage
dc.subjectOrthodontic Closurelanguage
dc.titleMaxillary labial fraenectomy: indications and technique.language

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