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    • The cost of ignoring acute cholecystectomy 

      Garner, Jeff (2009)
      INTRODUCTION: Biliary symptoms whilst awaiting elective cholecystectomy are common, resulting in hospital admission, further investigation and increased hospital costs. Immediate cholecystectomy during the first admission ...
    • To scrub or not to scrub? That is the question. 

      Timmons, Jean (2011)
      The assistant theatre practitioner (ATP) is increasingly being developed across a range of healthcare settings to support the role of the registered practitioner (Skills for Health 2010). Where ATPs take on roles that were ...
    • Vacuum assisted closure therapy in the treatment of mesh infection after hernia repair 

      Tamhankar, Anand P (2009)
      BACKGROUND: Mesh related infection after prosthetic abdominal wall hernia repair is a difficult clinical problem, particularly in an era of evolving microbial resistance. Commonly advocated treatment for such infection ...