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      Acute Care Assessment Tool; Audit Assessment; Case-Based Discussion; Patient Survey; Teaching Observation [1]
      apprenticeship; competency; workplace learning [1]
      Clinical Competence; Mini-Clinical Evaluation Exercise; Undergraduate Medicine [1]
      Clinical Examinations; OSCE; Sequential Designs [1]
      Clinical handover; Communication skills; Medical education; Work-based assessment [1]
      Competence; DOPS; Esophagogastroduodenoscopy; Formative assessment; Gastroscopy; OGD [1]
      Consultation and Referral Standards; Consultation and Referral Letters; Communication; Hospitals; Family Practice [1]
      District Hospitals; Clinical competences; Clinical Standards; Consultants [1]
      educational assessment; educational measurement; medical education, graduate; reliability; workplace [1]
      Evaluation studies; Multicentre Study; Feasibility studies; Clinical competence; Medical Professional Practice [1]
      Family Practice; Family Education; Medical Graduate; Education Standards; Staff Development; Accreditation; Documentation; Great Britain; Clinical Competence; Clinical Standards; Psychometrics [1]
      Feedback; undergraduate medical education; educational assessment; quality improvement [1]
      Graduate Entry Medicine; Multiple Mini-Interviews [1]
      Learning Practice Inventory; Learning Organisations; Communication, Teamwork; Collaboration, Collective Learning, Quality Improvement; Patient Safety [1]
      Medical Education; Medical standards; Medical Research; Biomedical Research; Research Standards; Research Design; Data collection; Analysis of Variance [1]
      Model; Professional Identity; Medical Healthcare; Professionalism [1]
      Multi-source Feedback; Free-text Comments; Assessment; Personal Development; Learner Centred Feedback [1]
      Multi-source feedback; Medical Education [1]
      Multiple Mini-interview; Medical Interviews [1]
      multisource feedback/peer assessment; performance improvement CE; profession-nurse; psychometrics/instrument design and testing; workforce development/issues; workplace learning [1]